RAGE - Execution Guaranteed (black)

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German Power/Speed Metal, 2018 Rerelease, lim. to 350 black copies, Doublevinyl, with 9 Bonustracks, Gatefold

Side A
1. Down By Law
2. Execution Guaranteed
3. Before The Storm
4. Street Wolf
Side B
5. Deadly Error
6. Hatred
7. Grapes Of Wrath
8. Mental Deacy
9. When You're Dead
Side C
1. Down By Law (Original Mix)
2. Execution Guaranteed (Original Mix)
3. Before The Storm (Original Mix)
4. Street Wolf (Original Mix)
Side D
5. Deadly Error (Original Mix)
6. Hatred (Original Mix)
7. Grapes Of Wrath (Original Mix)
8. Mental Deacy (Original Mix)
9. When You're Dead (Original Mix)

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