ROD SACRED - Submission

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Heavy Metal from Italy, 2016 Album, with 10 Bonustracks (taken from the album Rod Sacred)

1. Submission
2. Hyper Drive
3. Stop Fears
4. Let Yourself Go
5. Rod Sacred
6. A Strange Life
7. Radio
8. Don't Fear the Rain (Bonutrack)
9. Live Your Life Again (Bonutrack)
10. Lonely Between Mass of Puppets (Bonustrack)
11. The Mistery of Quid (Bonustrack)
12. Crazy For You (Bonustrack)
13. The Circle of Lust (Bonustrack)
14. The Enter (Bonustrack)
15. Dreaming (Bonutrack)
16. Will of Living (Bonustrack)

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