RAGE - Perfect Man

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German Heavy Metal, lim. to 300 black copies, Doublevinyl, with Bonustracks, insert

Side A
1. Wasteland
2. In The Darkest Hour
3. Animal Instinct
4. Perfect Man
5. Sinister Thinking
6. Supersonic Hydromatic
7. Death In The Afternoon
Side B
8. Don't Fear the Winter
9. A Pilgrims Path
10. Time And Place
11. Round Trip
12. Between The Lines
13. Symbols Of Our Fear
14. Neurotic
Side C
1. Between The Lines (Live, Bonustrack)
2. Roundtrip (Live, Bonustrack)
3. 7 Live Hard And Heavy (Bonustrack)
Side D
4. Like A Gun With A Twisted Barrel (Bonustrack)
5. Sing Of The Times (Bonustrack)
6. The Element Of Crime (Bonustrack)
7. The Last Farewell (Bonustrack)

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