NO BROS - Metal Marines

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Hard Rock from Austria, 2016 Album, lim. Edition, 2 Vinyl's, Gatefold, 20-pages Booklet

Side A 1. Legends Of The Eighties
2. Back Again
3. Devil With An Angel?s Face
4. Dark Chamber
5. A Night In Touch City
Side B
6. Over The Sea And Far Away
7. Metal Marines
8. Dance Of The Black Tattoo
9. Find Myself
10. John Doe
Side C
1. Written In Fire
2. Runaway Girl
3. Song Number Nine
4. In The Shadow Of The Galley
Side D
5. Pandämonium
6. Ready For The Action
7. Toy For The Wind
8. Black Maiden
9. Be My Friend
10. Heavy Metal Party

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